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The Big Chop: Behold My New Hair, Styled by Neal Farinah, Sponsored by Dare to Have Hair!

So I finally did it: I cut my hair!

I went to Neal Farinah, who has created iconic looks for Solange, Nicki Minaj, and Queen Beyonce herself to do the Honors.
Check out the video below:

Behold the Before:

And After!

I’ll be honest: The process was pretty intense.

First, they cut off my locs, then picked through what remained with a needle. Then, they braided my itty bitty ‘fro into cornrows. That part hurt!

Then it was time for my new hair! I made a very bold decision to cut my signature ‘do, and thought of no better sponsor that Dare to Have Hair to align with. They sent me this little lady who I’ve dubbed Claire 2.0.

Then Neal went to work, creating an edgy cut that was flirty yet effortless. Ty Hunter came along for moral support!

And there you have it!

This look is SO DIFFERENT! Since my big chop, I can’t even recognize myself in the mirror. It will take some getting used to, but I look forward to having lots of fun with my Daring Hair!

Well lay it on me: What do you think?
Love & Light,

Images: Marta McAdams
Video: Roland Hyde