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Pivot + Plant Seeds: Running Around Town in An Intermix Winter White Coat, Fuzzy Skirt, and Tom Ford Padlock Pumps

Yesterday was crazy.
Monday was a holiday and I’m flying out to New Orleans today to speak at the National Black MBA Conference (details here), so I packed my day full yesterday with meetings pon meetings.
The day started with a fun breakfast at Cafe Cluny, followed by a stop by the Blood & Honey showroom (they have AHMAZING furs!!).




I had too much fun.
While I was having fun with fur, my manager hit me up and informed me that what I thought was just another meeting was a filming (!). So I scooted to a MAC to see about getting some lashes (and had a disastrous experience but whatevs), then hop scotched to another meeting uptown, following by the filming, a rendez vous at the Cadillac house, then dinner.
I was only able to crack open my laptop to take this picture with Pierre.
2 years ago, I would’ve been freaking out at the idea of not being able to stare lovingly at the computer screen all day. But there comes a time in every ‘blogger’s’ life when it comes time to pivot and plant seeds.Newsflash: real connections aren’t made online, they’re made in person.
It’s important to plant seeds. Get to know people. You never know when those seeds will grow into beautiful gardens and majestic trees.
Love + Light,
*It’s getting cold in NYC, so I pulled out my winter white items! I’ve worn this all before. Coat is from Intermix, Skirt is from TJMaxx, shoes are Tom Ford.

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