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Happy New Year! Let’s Set Some Goals and Smash Them! Wearing a Bec and Betty Coat from Fashion Bomb Daily Shop

Happy New Year, Bombers and Bombshells!

On January 1st, I took a leap of faith and moved. I’ll make an official announcement soon, but suffice it to say that this move has been on my list of goals for quite some time. Many doubted I could do it, but I stayed focused, planned, and finally just gulped and jumped!

One of my favorite “life” activities is to set clear goals and make vision boards, especially at the top of the year. Manifestation is real and it works. As I was packing for my trip, I realized that I had two items that were on my vision board, so I decided to make a new one.

Here are some tips and tricks I use to accomplish my goals. Try them and see if they work for you, too:

  1. Pick 10 Goals
  2. Write them down
  3. Write them in the present tense as if the year has gone by and it has already happened.
  4. Commit to doing one thing per day in service of that goal.
  5. Place your goals somewhere where you can see them (I like to put mine in front of my computer!).
  6. Now’s the fun part: Find photos that illustrate your goal. Maybe even tap a graphic designer to help you (for example I want to be on the cover of a magazine, so had my graphic designer draft up an imaginary cover). There is nothing too small or too big to put on your vision board.
  7. The new age way to vision board is on your phone! Find images on Google and input them into graphic design apps like Canva or Diptic.
  8. Here’s the key: make your vision board your wallpaper and screensaver on your phone and your computer. Keep it somewhere you can see every day with some frequency. I spend so much time on my phone, so it’s only fitting that my vision board should have a home there.
  9. Really want to ramp things up? Make a poster for your vision board and put it in your house prominently.
  10. Dream big and BELIEVE you can achieve.

That’s it! Also, don’t underestimate the power of doing this. I frequently see people’s screensavers, and it’s typically some random photo, like a picture of themselves or a celebrity. Don’t take anything lightly, get serious about the things you want out of life, have faith that you can have them, and then watch GOD work.

Love & Light,

For the last day of 2022, I wore a white catsuit and a Bec and Betty coat from Fashion Bomb Daily Shop! Get yours here.

Images: Sone Jr

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