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Fashion Bomb Hair 101: 5 Things A Black Girl Should Know Before Getting a Perfect Platinum Pixie

In January, after playing with a short dark cut for several months, I decided to take the plunge and get a hairstyle I had long dreamed of: A Perfect Platinum Pixie.

I initially cut my hair because I wanted to have a style I could rock in between wig installs, but then I went and fell in love.

As a black woman with baby fine hair, this is probably one of the worst hairstyles I could have chosen! But I’m gonna stick beside her. If you’d like to go this route, here are a few things you should know first.

1. You can’t get your hair colored all the time.

This might seem like common sense to some, but it was not common sense to me! I was used to getting my hair done every week, and once my new growth started to come in, I was shuttling over to the hairstylist every three weeks to get my roots zapped. Unfortunately not every hairstylist will tell you this (they’re just trying to get your MONEY), so let me tell you: you should only get platinum color every 3 months. Once a quarter! Allow that luscious new growth to come in so that you can keep your length without losing all your hair.

2. Platinum Pixies are not cheap

But they are probably cheaper than bundles and installs! Expect to pay anywhere from $500-$1500 to get that hitting color. Also know that the process takes hours so set aside a full or a half day to get it done.

3. Not every hairstylist is capable of achieving this look.

This is not Platinum

There are only a handful of hairstylists I know who specialize in this style, including Razor Chic and Hair by Uno out of Atlanta, Contact Evie out of D.C. and Hair Hype in New York. Anyone else might just give you blonde, and the contrast might not be what you seek. If you want that bright white, please reference the stylists above, and get on their schedules quickly because they fill up.

4. You’re going to need a lot of products to keep it looking good.

I wish I had a passion for hair, because I know I’d making a killing! I use at least 5 products on my hair daily, but mostly because I am focusing on thickening it up and getting it back to the above look. At any rate, here are some of my go tos (that I actually need to restock up on now):

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5. People will call you bald and make all sorts of crazy assumptions about you: this haircut is not for the weak !

You would think the after Chris Rock got slapped at the Oscars, people would know to not makes jokes about a Black Woman’s hair (they don’t). All I can say is stay strong. And just as Jada looks absolutely STUNNING with her short cut, you will too.

For what it’s worth, I love my short hair and couldn’t care less how anyone else feels about it!

But now I am gonna hunker down for the next few months and not get it colored until September so I can get some length to it! If you’re in between appointments, you can always wear a wig!

Everyone else does. Get the one above at and use the code BOMB15 for 15% off!

Love & Light,

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