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Declutter Your Life, Declutter Your Mind: Let Go Of Things So You Can Make Way For Your Blessings

Happy Tuesday!
So I’m moving to LA, and it looks like the move is happening at the top of next year. Packing is never fun, so I’ve decided to start early and just get rid of stuff I simply don’t need.

Old pillows, empty shoe boxes, clothes I don’t wear anymore…everything must go! Most is going to the trash, some is going to Puerto Rico or places in need, some is going to the Salvation Army, and some I’m going to sell either at Claire’s Closet or Cocktails with Claire.

In the process of ‘clearing out,’ I’ve realized that…I’m kind of a hoarder. Sure, I get a lot of stuff in the mail AND I love to shop. But I hold on to a lot of crap. I just emptied my ottoman and discovered about 35+ shoe bags and 5-10 clutches I’ll never use. Why do I hold on to mail? Thank you notes? 150+ t-shirts?

If you are blessed, bless others. There are undoubtedly things you take for granted that someone else might be so excited to have! Be comfortable with giving away things–it opens room for even better things to take their place.

Get in the habit of clearing unnecessary items from your life. Free up your space and your mind, and how many more blessings flow your way.
Love & Light,

*Stay tuned for new items to hit Claire’s Closet and pop by my table at Cocktails with Claire.

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