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Claire’s Life: The Juneteenth Concert at the White House Wearing Balmain, Alaia, and Femme LA!

Happy Almost Juneteenth!

Last week, I was thrilled to be invited to the White House for a Juneteenth Concert!

When I tell y’all, I was SO EXCITED?!? The White House, Me? With the President and Vice President? I was beside myself.

For the occasion, I didn’t really know what to wear. I tried to scramble to get something made, but time was tight, so I grabbed a blue Balmain dress, my Femme LA heels, and an Alaia belt and headed to Washington for the concert.

Now, I knew it was gonna be outside. I knew it was on the grass. But I decided to sacrifice my comfort for the sake of fashion and wear skinny white stiletto heels. If I could turn back time, I’d certainly take pictures beforehand in sandals, then switch into flats for the event. You live, you learn!

I went by myself (no plus ones!), but of course ran into friends like Paul Wharton, Kim Blackwell, Jodi, Elizabeth, and Jordyn Woods, Darnell, Ronne Brown, Maxine Waters (!) and more!

It was an amazing time, and hopefully not the last time I attend an event at the White House!

What do you think?

Images: VS Davis

Makeup: @Already_Perfect

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