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Claire’s Life: The Bloomberg 50 Dinner Wearing S. Denton Collection from Fashion Bomb Daily Shop! #Bloomberg50

Happy Hump Day!
The other night, I was excited to be on the list for the Bloomberg 50 dinner!

The event celebrates 50 people who have made the greatest impact in their industries. I walked in, and hit the red carpet. I’m still so tickled at the idea of ‘walking the carpet‘ (can’t you tell)?

Inside, I met, mixed, and mingled with people from various industries, from food to finance to real estate and aviation!

I’m so used to going to fashion or entertainment events. I was slightly outside of my comfort zone, but it was refreshing to meet people making waves in diverse industries. I definitely had to sharpen my networking skills, but thankfully everyone was super friendly and open. I need to go to these sorts of shindigs more often!

I always represent for (especially when I have nothing to wear!). I repurposed this S. Denton Collection suit for the festivities. It was a hit!

Tonight calls for even more holiday parties.

It’s the end of the year, and things are winding down, so I’ll be sure to bring you into the Bomb Life more frequently..

Love & Light,

Images: @MrVocabTV

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