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Claire’s Life: The 4th Annual Fabys Awards Featuring Misa Hylton, Jenee Naylor, Wilford Lenov and More, Wearing Matopeda from Fashion Bomb Daily Shop!

Y’all, it is the SUNDAY after Fashion Week ended and I am just writing. The shame!

What can I say? Showing up (and out) for daily Fashion Week shows and planning your own event is not for the faint of heart, and I was pretty much knocked out the day after the Fabys…and the rest of the week was a wrap!

I’m currently planning my trip to Milan Fashion Week for the first time in many, many years, but I’m taking the time now to recap NYFW and the Fabys!

This year, The Fabys took place at the New York Times Square Edition, which is a beautiful venue! And I must say that in comparison to other venues I’ve worked with in the city, this was one of the best teams ever. They were accommodating and kind, and I would have an event there again any day!

They set the perfect mood to congratulate some of our winners and awards recipients, including Wilford Lenov (stylist of the year), Michele Latrice (makeup artist of the year), Jenee Naylor (Flyest Fashion Influencer), and Misa Hylton (our Fashion Icon award recipient).

We had to scale down the event considerably this year, but the spirit of fellowship and love were even more palpable. Let me tell you, there was a BLIZZARD that morning, but by the afternoon, the skies had cleared and the event went off without a hitch. One of my sisters Koshie Mills said that there is power in just showing up, and Bombers and Bombshells like Bruce Glen, Ty Hunter, Icon Tips, Dr. Bobbi, Mona Scott Young, and more showed up and showed out!

Take a look:

Even my mom popped in:

For the occasion, of course I wore a Matopeda dress and Voyette Lee shoes available on

It was the bomb! And I can’t wait for next year. RSVP today at Want to sponsor? We’d love to have you! Email

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