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Claire’s Life: Strength of a Woman’s Conference with Toya Johnson, Jayda Cheaves, Misa Hylton, and More Wearing a Black Veronica Beard Middleton Dress

Life has been going at a fevered clip! I have seemingly dozens (!) of looks and events to recap and so little time, but I am committed to posting one look a day until I’m all caught up!

I had the pleasure of covering the style, music, and fun at Mary J Blige’s 2nd Annual Strength of a Woman Fest in Atlanta!

Day 1 was all about concerts. Day 2 had a day full of conferences featuring amazing Bombshells like Jamila Davis, Ms. Bling Miami, Jayda Cheaves, Toya Wright, and so much more.

For the day, I wore my favorite YSL sandals, my bossy Birkin, and a Veronica Beard Blazer dress.

It was a full weekend, all about female empowerment. Read more on

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