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Claire’s Life: Celebrating International Women’s Day with Keri Hilson, Eudoxie Bridges, Monyetta Shaw, and More in An S. Denton Collection Sequin Suit

Hey Guys!
So last week, I popped into Atlanta to visit my family and rest up after my various travels. Of course I can’t go anywhere without popping onto the scene! So when my homegirl Jessica Burns invited me to an International Women’s Day luncheon, I said “Sure!”

The event was hosted by the beautiful Eudoxie, with the goal of bringing dynamic women together to share stories and brainstorm how we can all support each other in a more meaningful way. Lots of Atlanta Bombshells were on the scene, including Keri Hilson, Monyetta Shaw, Jovonca Watson, and more.

I had to leave a little early, but the event was impactful. Though I’m typically strapped for time, I do my best to support black female designers by offering my platform for exposure. As such, I wore a look created by black female designers Sammy B and S. Denton collection, rocking Sammy’s Jamaica “Yardie” tee and S. Denton’s sequin suit:

S. Denton is one of my new faves! I clearly have a thing for sequins and her clothes are festooned with all sorts of colorful, light catching embellishments. Expect to be seeing a lot more of her in the upcoming weeks!

Love & Light,

Images: Iphone + @DRoseVisuals.

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