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Claire’s Life: BrokenLand Co’s Nordstrom Event Wearing Black Female Designers BrokenLand, Jessica Rich, and Tosha

Can I be honest with you?

When I first started Fashion Bomb Daily, I went to events or wore clothes because I wanted to. I was intrigued by the designer or event, and was genuinely interested in coverage. Over the years as GOD has blessed me with a wonderful platform and so much exposure, in order to cut through the clutter, I mainly do things for business i.e. sponsored coverage and sponsored looks (ahem, if you’d like me to cover your events or wear your brand, email book@clairesulmers.com!).

But Brokenland is one brand among many that I genuinely like and see big things for. I stopped by their shopping event this past Saturday at Nordstrom to show my support.

Image: Sone Jr

The brand was founded by a lawyer (middle), Janai Jackson, who wanted to reimagine denim in a couture way (read more about her here). Broken Land offers denim jackets, skirts, jeans, and now coats with pleating, fun patterns, and new silhouettes. It’s the bomb! While I have worn many pieces by the brand before, for the event, I opted for a few new items, including their dotted blouse and tier mini skirt.

Image: Sone Jr

While at the event, I even went back to my old days of taking street style!

I stopped/accosted this young lady over the make of her glasses (they’re by TMMLife.co), and turns out she’s an artist and designer called Dom Doll NYC. She paints portraits of Black Girls on Telfar bags, boots, jackets, and more. She’s holding one of her creations below:

Image: Sone Jr

See more of her bags @DomDollNYC.

I also said hey to Samantha Black, a Jamaican American ready to wear designer, whose pieces have been spied on Gabrielle Union, Wendy Williams, and so many more.

Image: Sone Jr

These ladies aren’t on FashionBombDailyShop.com–yet–but I hope that some can join us as we strive to empower emerging designers by helping them to generate sales and reach our wide audience! More to come!

Until then, what say you?

Leave a comment if you remember the old FBD and my party coverage haha. Sometimes I miss those days, but it’s all about growth and evolution, and I love where I am now (writing to you, overlooking LA. More on that later).

Love & Light,

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