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Claire’s Life: Breakfast with Lala Wearing The Attico Jeans I Scored from The Real Real

Happy Saturday!
The other day, Lala Anthony and I grabbed breakfast and discussed her new creative director role at AirBNB!

For the occasion, I wore my new The Attico Jeans I scored from the Real Real:

So I (probably like many of you) have been eyeing these Attico Jeans for a MINUTE. But with a $1,850 price tag (for some jeans!) I couldn’t bring myself to splurge. I just couldn’t. So I busied myself looking for them for less or on sale on resale sites like Ebay and Poshmark. I got lucky with The Real Real.

I signed up for alerts. I created a wish list. My dream jeans became available once, but I missed them. So when they became available again, I bought them with the quickness for 75% off the retail price!

The only thing about The Attico is that the sizing is weird. Sometimes they list European sizes, other times they list American sizes. The ones I scored just had “Large” on the tag, and while I normally wear a 10/12, these fit like a size 8! They’re a tight fit! But they’re baggy, so hopefully it all balances out.

And about Ms. Lala! Lala is one of the nicest, sweetest, smartest celebs you’ll ever meet. It’s sometimes hard to find genuinely good people in your industry, but Lala is a gem! She, like so many others, inspires me. The Bomb Life 101: Surround yourself with good people!

I haven’t updated The Bomb Life in a while and I am procrastinating going to the gym ( I really don’t want to sweat out my hair)! But, to the gym I go. Gotta make some room in my jeans.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Love & Light,

Images: Day Hunch

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