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Candy Bomb Apparel: Celebrating Black Icons in Fashion, Music, and Entertainment

One of the reasons I started Fashion Bomb Daily was to respond to the lack of diversity in the fashion industry.
The initial goal was to highlight all those beautiful brown faces that didn’t get enough shine in traditional media. It was a born from a reverence for and appreciation of my culture, and a deep understanding that Black is Beautiful.
fashion bomb daily new design
8 years later and I, along with illustrator Nicole Updegraff, have launched a t-shirt line with the same goal in mind. We see the beauty of other cultures everyday, say, in a Marilyn Monroe or Kate Moss t-shirt. Why not also have t-shirts uplifting the ever gorgeous Iman, Eartha Kitt, or Josephine Baker?
Candy Bomb Apparel Iman
Eartha Kitt Cotton Candy Bomb Apparel black icons fashion style entertainment
Candy Bomb apparel Josephine Baker
The response to Candy Bomb tees has been PHENOMENAL, and now my creative juices are flowing. Keep an eye out for even more iconic women, from Sade to Diana Ross to Billie Holiday.
Candy Bomb Apparel Grace Jones
Candy Bomb Apparel Andre Leon Talley
For now, indulge and enjoy. Tees are available at ShopCandyBomb.com.
Candy Bomb Apparel Donyale Luna
And keep an eye out for ways to wear it. These tees have now become my official summer uniform!

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