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Bomb Life 101: Sometimes GOD Stops Something To Force You to Change Directions and Do Something Else

Happy Sunday, folks!
It’s been a minute since I updated The Bomb Life with anything that truly meant something to me. It’s been a rough week–heck a rough year! My world has literally been turned upside down and inside out since Fashion Bomb Daily’s page was disabled and I basically lost a huge platform I’ve been building for years.

Of course I thought I could rebuild again! The team and I launched a backup page. And though we took serious precaution, our backup page was disabled anew, along with our Fashion Bomb Africa page, which never hurt a flea! Right now, anything ‘Fashion Bomb’ related is under attack. And instead of go on the defensive, the situation has forced me to ask myself: What is GOD trying to teach me through this?

For 12 years, I just did Fashion Bomb. YES, I created FBD, wrote for it, got awards for it, but for so long I never realized that it was my GOD given talent that drove the train. I always made FBD about other people–never about me.

Since FBD’s tumble, I’ve been receiving all sorts of signs that speaking, inspiring, heck even a little modeling might be where I need to direct my energy.

Does it make me uncomfortable? SURE DOES! But that’s ok. And who I am to fight GOD’s will?

When I first started in this industry, I kept knocking on the doors of fashion magazines, and as Nene would say, “The Door was Closed!” The door was closed because that wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing. I was forced to create Fashion Bomb, and it has changed my life.

For now, the Fashion Bomb door is closed. Maybe it will reopen. But in case it doesn’t, that means it’s time to create something new, that can similarly change my life in ways I never imagined would be possible.

So for you, dear readers (if you’re out there), know this: If something isn’t working, don’t force it. Whether in love, career, or life. You might want something so bad, but if it doesn’t come, perhaps it wasn’t meant for you. Perhaps GOD is preparing you for something WAY better.
Love & light,

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