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Ask Claire: What is Going On With @FashionBombDaily ?

Happy Friday, Bomb Lifers!
I was gonna come here and just tell you what I’ve been up to the past few days, but I know y’all just want to know: What is Going On With @FashionBombDaily ?!?

FBD going down has been, for some, like a death in the family. I’ve received prayers, condolences, and hysterical phone calls from all over the globe. I’m taking it all in stride because I know FBD is not gone. It is on hiatus and will be resurrected (Hallelujah!).

Though we weren’t quite ready or prepared for this service interruption, it was actually well timed. Sadly, I don’t think we will be back up before the Royal Wedding tomorrow, but we WILL be back up soon. It seems like it’s been forever, but it’s only been a week, y’all. Please know we are working behind the scenes to #RestoreFashionBombDaily.

I won’t get into the details of our particular case, but I will say to just be careful with what you post online. AND, folks, though we love Instagram, IG doesn’t care about you. As I said before, own your audience and take all precautions, because if they came for us, they just might come for you (if you have an entertainment website; personal pages are fine, which is why @ClaireSulmers is still popping).

At any rate, The Bomb Life still goes on! The other day, I went to an event promoting HBO’s new movie Fahrenheit 451. It featured a performance by Ellamai, who I am 100% obsessed with*!

The next great American designer, Laquan Smith was also in the building:

For the day, I wore my uniform: A Balmain Blazer and tee, along with my Gucci logo track pants and suede pumps. It was raining, so I popped on a Mandrick Paris hat.

At any rate, we will be back soon, and when we are back, be sure to show us LOADS OF LOVE, and tell your friends and family to follow us, too (I want us to hit 2 million our first week back). Sometimes you need to have something seemingly drastic happen to gain some perspective on life and figure out your next steps forward. Things don’t happen on your time, but on GOD’s time. And when things happen, don’t fight it, but just learn to see the lesson in the perceived loss.
The next phase of FBD is about to be crazy. Here comes the BOOM.
Love & Light,

*Here are a few Ellamai songs you should download. I want her to perform at Convos with Claire!

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