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An Encouraging Note to Entrepreneurs: Little by Little One Travels Far

“Little by Little, One Travels Far.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Hey Bomb Lifers!

I have been sooooo busy these past few weeks…months! That I don’t get time to write just for fun anymore. So sad. But, I wanted to leave a quick note of encouragement.

Many times, as you are striking out to do your own thing, you might not get the response you want. You might have done the best photo shoot, invested a ton, sent out flyers and newsletters, and get…nada. It’s ok. Don’t get discouraged. Keep going.

Many of you may know my story, but in case ya don’t: I was working in a job I liked, but didn’t love, and went to HR one day to explore my options. The Human Resources contact suggested I put my resume online with the newfangled thing called a “website.” I was skeptical, but decided to take her advice and create ClaireSulmers.com.

I was SO excited for the launch of my eponymous site. Before it went live, I got the best web designer, did a photo shoot, and told anyone who would listen about its impending release. The day it went live, I posted on Facebook, and sent an email to my professional circle to tell them I was up and running! I don’t think I got one response. The only people who visited my website were my mom and friends. I could have chalked it up then, and said, “This isn’t meant for me.”

But instead, I switched things up, launched a blog, and kept going.

Not everything is a ‘loss.’ You can’t feel the highs without lows. So just grit your teeth and bear it. Know that ‘this too shall pass,’ and that you can continue to build upon the foundation you started to realize your highest vision.

We all (at least I) look up to people like Oprah and think they always had it together. We don’t see the times they fumbled on their words, or spoke in small rooms. We all started somewhere. You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great!

Love & Light,

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