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Roll the Dice: New Year’s Eve in Vegas with Golden Barbie, Terrence J, Miss Diddy, and More

Happy New Year!!!!!
I, like many of you, have spent most of today sitting in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, getting up only to eat! The past couple of days have been SUPER intense!
Basically what had happened was, I was in Guatemala when I received an email asking me to be the red carpet correspondent for a high wattage New Year’s Eve party in Vegas. Though I was (and still am) sick as a dog, I looked at the prospect as a golden opportunity, so booked a ticket to Vegas while I was on my flight back to New York. I landed at 10pm, then left back out to Vegas at 8:30am. Because I don’t know any makeup artists in Vegas, I got my makeup done at 5:30am (shout out to Fatima!). Got off the plane and headed to my hotel.
Upon check in, I was informed to my surprise (or chagrin?) that the red carpet was canceled. Yeah. Still, I rolled with the punches, and popped by a Ciroc x Deleon dinner at Tao hosted by French Montana and DJ Khaled, followed by a New Year’s celebration!
So many people were in the building including Kelly Rowland, Jasmine Sanders (Golden Barbie), Terrence J, Cassie, Puff Daddy, I could go on. It was fun!

Things didn’t quite go as planned, but sometimes you have to take a chance. Though I was a bit bummed not to be practicing my red carpet interview skills, I still looked at the situation as a chance to network and plant seeds for the future.
For 2017, I encourage all of you to invest in yourself. Do what you need to do (within reason) to get to where you need to be. Sometimes it can seem inconvenient. It can be expensive! You might be tired and/or sick (I was both). Do it anyway. It will pay off one day.
Here’s to enjoying the fruits of our labor in 2017!!!
Love + Light,
PS I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who reads this. Thank you to everyone who bought my book. Thank you to the kind flight attendant (Shacora) who gave me a touching note, a bottle of wine, and cheese on my flight from Miami to New York! Thank you to all the Fashion Bombshells working at security in the airport who let me skip the line:) Everyone who has come say hi….thank you. I want to let you know that even I get discouraged sometimes. The world can be cruel. But you guys inspire and motivate me to keep going. I will not lose. Mark my words.

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