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Sunday Sermon: Your Biggest Battle Comes Before Your Biggest Breakthrough; Wearing Okera Banks, Iylia, and Jacque M

So while the idea of coordinating 5 + editorial shoots and interviews in LA seems great, there are many moving parts and unexpected costs that make it a difficult task. Producing shoots in NYC is relatively breezy because of my contacts, but a new town brings new challenges. I am having to do a lot of work outside of my comfort zone, and encountering obstacles, roadblocks, and red flags along the way.
I know that if these turn out great, the doors to my destiny could be flung further open. A lot is at stake and I’m going for broke! Nothing about this process is easy, but I knew that encountering difficulty was apart of the plan. Sometimes your biggest battle comes before your biggest breakthrough.
I searched for comfort in the word this morning, and stumbled upon this devotional by Annie Smith, who said, “The closer you are to your breakthrough, the more intense the battle becomes, and the enemy increases his attacks upon your life. The temptation is giving up…to sell yourself short on the promises that await, to convince you that things will never change, and to keep you from entering into your promised land. The Devil doesn’t want you to succeed, and He certainly will try everything within his power to stop you from fulfilling the call that is on your life. If the Devil could have his way, He would make sure that you felt defeated, hopeless, and frustrated everyday of your life. He wants to press you down and sift you like wheat, to shake your resolve, to insure that your faith will fail and your strength will be depleted. The temptation is to give up…right before the moment of breakthrough and blessing the enemy throws everything at you so that you will turn back. Stand and resist the enemy, set your hope upon the Lord, run into His presence, and allow His love to defend you and His Word to fight the battle for you. “
When you’re going through a difficult time, keep your eyes on the bigger picture. Learn hard lessons about yourself and others. Vow to be better prepared next time. Hunker down. And get to fighting. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of what GOD has called for you.
Love & Light,
*I’m wearing a halter jumpsuit and cardigan by Okera Banks that is hands down the most comfortable thing I have ever owned. Everyone needs this in their lives (it’s great for travel!). My clutch is by Jacque M; shoes by Iylia. Fun fact, my whole outfit was made by black women #buyblack.
**I hope you guys show lots and lots of lurve to these videos and photo shoots! We are working hard for you!
***Read the full devotional here.
****See some of you at Serafina this afternoon.
*****Images: Tyren Redd. Do you love?

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  • Emzie K

    Amen!Can I also say bless those hands that slayed your make-up on that day?!

  • Casey

    Girl YES, New level, new devil. But we KNOW God is bigger than er’thang. and so it is AMEN.