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Bomb Life 101: #TBT Choose Happiness

This morning, I was chatting with bae, talking about next steps in business and general expansion. I remarked, “I just hope that when we get there, we can enjoy it!” He said, “Aren’t you enjoying life now?”

He said, “Weren’t you just kicking it with your friends last night at dinner? Didn’t you just come back from Miami?” I said yes. Though I’ve had many laughs and good times in the past few weeks, the thoughts of @FashionBombDaily ‘s Instagram page and various issues that have arisen because of this temporary situation have cast a dark cloud over my smile. I have this gnawing feeling in my stomach–this anxiety that steals the joy from joyful moments.

Bae responded, “Life always brings issues. Bills won’t go anywhere. Stress won’t go anywhere” And he was right. No matter where you are in life, no matter how many millions you amass, there will be stress, anxiety, and indecision. That’s why so many people say money doesn’t buy you happiness. If you don’t enjoy what you have, and always focus on the negative, you will always be frowning, even when surrounded by many many blessings.

Today, I choose happiness. I accept stress as a part of life. Some times are most stressful than others, for sure. But believing that more money or success will bring more happiness is false. If you don’t appreciate it, you can’t be happy. So, enjoy what you have NOW. More will come.
Choose happiness.

Love & Light,

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