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Young Thug Taught Me: March to the Beat of Your Own Drum Wearing a Cult de Jour Camouflage Jacket

I’m in Atlanta, shawty! It’s always good to be home. In addition to hanging with my mom, dad, and sisters, I always try to fit some work in. Yesterday, I popped by Young Thug’s mansion (full post coming as soon as I get all the pix!).
Before diving into his dazzling closet and ogling all of his shoes and diamonds, we sat down for an interview. Young Thug professed to loving fashion more than he does rap, and cited Prince as his main style inspiration. He indulged that when he was in high school, all the kids were wearing baggy clothes, but he was more into slim fits. I asked him if he was ever bullied, and he said no almost as if the question was ridiculous. When I pushed a little more, he said that he’s a man who does his own thing, haters or detractors be damned.
I shared with Thug (who I called Jeffery), my experiences in junior high with fashion. Those who read my book undoubtedly remember how I came into the world of style. A bully low key made fun of the fact that I wore my jeans more than once, and at that moment, I decided that fashion would be my armor. I dressed cute because I wanted to, but also because I didn’t like the feeling I had when that schoolyard bully made her cutting comment. Once I stepped up my swag, I noticed that not only were bullies at bay, but I was actually receiving lots of praise for my threads. The high became addictive (and thus led to a serious shopping problem, then FBD…eventually).
But now, in my older age, I’m realizing that it’s ok to just be yourself. And maybe it took chatting with Young Thug to truly drive that home.
Years ago, at this time of year, I would have been in Milan for Fashion Week, then going on to Paris. I love fashion, so fashion weeks are amazing for me to experience. But instead of follow my journalist and blogger homies abroad, I am doing my own thing. I’m doing what pushes the needle forward vs. regurgitate the same content you’d find on any other fashion focused website.
Perhaps it took me 10 years of writing Fashion Bomb Daily (and meeting a Fashion King like Young Thug) to realize that if you do your own thing, confidently, and march to the beat of your own drum, people will eventually start marching with you.
Life is too short not to do what you love, passionately and consistently, even if you go against the grain.
Stay tuned for our video (I’ve been hyping it up a lot, but you’ll see why soon). It’s basically a Closet Confessions video on LEAN. I’ll admit, I don’t know what lean is, but you get the point. It’s gone be poppin.
Love + Light,
*I took a few pix of my Cult de Jour patched camouflage jacket in NYC before leaving for Atlanta (I thought it was apropos with the “march” theme to showcase an army jacket). I got sooo many compliments on mine. Get yours at CultdeJour.com.
**For my Young Thug interview, I wore a Godspeed jacket, Rayar Jeans, a James Perse tee, and Isabel Marant sandals. More pix to come v. soon!

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