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The Bomb Hotel & Spa: The Canyon Suites at the Phoenician in Scottsdale

Happy Wednesday, folks!
I have finally recovered from my quick trip to Arizona, and wanted to give you the rundown on a Bomb Hotel & Spa you must visit should you find yourself in AZ: The Phoenician in Scottsdale.

Why were you in Arizona, Claire? Well, one of my besties recently moved out there, so my friends and I decided to pay her a visit to give her a little taste of home! We sidled up to the Canyon Suites, which is a private, luxurious enclave where Kevin Hart, Drake, and many more stay when they come to the city.

Behold, 5 wonderful tips:
What can I say? It’s the Bomb! The rooms are spacious, the lobby lustworthy, the breakfast is yummy and plentiful, pool nice and private, and the customer service is ON POINT!

Everyone was SUPER friendly. Almost disconcertingly so! As a New Yorker, I’ll admit, I was a bit offput, but the friendliness certainly seemed genuine. So much so that Kate, a kind concierge, taped my friends and I doing the Shiggy challenge, below:

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Let me tell you, it took us many takes to get to that point. Kate was there with us through the whole thing, and said it brightened her day. 5 stars for Kate!

A few notes about Arizona: it is HOT. Like feeling like you’re baking in an oven hot. Not sure summer is the best time to come! If you want to be comfortable, I’d recommend perhaps stopping by in the fall.

Also, the Phoenician apparently has a Bomb Spa. I didn’t get a chance to indulge this time, but will definitely be sampling next time.

That does it! If you’re going to do it up in Arizona, the Canyon Suites are the place to do it.
Find affordable rates here, and tell them I sent you!
Love & Light,

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