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The Bomb Life: How to Pack for the Winter London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week Circuit

So…I overpack in general. I could be going to Atlanta for the weekend, and have 6 outfits, 5 pairs of shoes, 3 sunglasses, and all the accessories I own, jammed into one little carry on. So, for Fashion Week, multiply that times 10! While summer/fall fashion week is relatively easy packing wise without the bulk of knits and outerwear, winter is a whole nother animal. For my trip on the European circuit, I’m packing 6 coats, 10 pairs of shoes,…

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Started from the Bottom: Claire’s 6 Tips on Breaking into Fashion

Someone asked in a prior post how I started in the biz, so I decided to give you a bit of insight on what I did to get here, and how I’ve navigated these treacherous yet stylish waters. In the very beginning, posing with Andre Leon Talley ca. 2005 (?). I had a thing for J.Crew. Andre said he liked it! He was probably just being nice. In my mind, I’m far from successful (I’m trying to get that Oprah),…

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The Bomb Life: 10 Travel Essentials for Long Plane Rides

Flying to Australia was hands down one of the longest flights ever! With 6 hours to the West Coast, plus another 14 to Australia, you are on a plane or in an airport for almost 24 hours. I travel quite frequently, and there are a few essentials that keep me both happy and healthy for the long haul. Check out my top 10: 1. A big ol bottle of water. I have never stared so lustfully at bottles of water…

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