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Let’s Get One Thing Straight: I’m not a Groupie; Partying with Fantasia, BBD, and More in Hot Pink Sergio Hudson and Purple Balenciaga Boots

A young woman, often under age, who seeks to achieve status by having sex with rock musicians, roadies, security, and other band-related guys. Source: The Urban Dictionary

Last night called for loads of holiday parties, and I was on the Scene! My first stop was an epic fete at Le Bain at the Standard, which featured a BBD performance (that I recorded on IG stories–catch it before it’s gone!). I partied it up with Nina Cooper, Kim Hatchett, Crystal McCrary, and more.

After that, I headed uptown to Chez Lucienne to celebrate Fantasia’s new album. Lots of fabulous people were in the building, including Bevy Smith, Miss Lawrence, Terrell Jones, and more.

Fantasia and I have met before, so we chatted and toasted to the holidays!

I took a few pictures and posted on Instagram. Of course one hater commented, “Ok, now you’re just looking like a groupie.”

I know this person is misinformed, so allow me to reintroduce myself: My name is Claire. I’m a seasoned journalist who writes about fashion and celebrities for a living. Sometimes you guys want to know more about a celeb that just the images and interviews they put out to the public (which is when we conduct interviews or produce photo shoots). Sometimes a celeb appreciates what we do and wants to show love (and vice versa). And over time, you get to know people.

Because I’m a nice person and lots of times celebs are nice as well (they are people, hello!), we become friends. I have a lot of friends that are not in the industry, and I have some who are.

The ‘groupie’ connotation means that I’m some fanatic, angling to get in. I was invited to both of those events. I didn’t crash.

Also, no shade to women who sleep with men in the industry to get ahead, but I have never been that girl. I have taken the long road and have literally just paid my dues and worked hard to get a seat at the table!

How that makes me a groupie…I don’t know. But please put some respect on my name. Read my book. I’m a journalist and entrepreneur. I’m NOT a groupie.

Never will be.
Love & Light,

**Last night I wore a pair of Balenciaga Purple Knife Boots and dusted off my Sergio Hudson dress.
Images: Visuals by Pierre

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