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January 12th was My Birthday! My Rose Infused Shoot Wearing a Red Andrea Brocca Strapless Gown + I live In LA + New Beginnings!

So I recently celebrated my Birthday!

I blessed the occasion wearing a rose inspired dress by the youngest couture designer in the world, Italian-Sri Lankan wunderkind Andrea Brocca:

Photographed by Dalvin Adams, my only props were stripper heels that you can’t see and 100 roses (please note roses have thorns: OUCH! Hence they’re laying on the ground).

This birthday marked a new Chapter in my Life. Yes, I’m older by another year, but I also achieved one of my long term goals, which was to move out to Los Angeles and expand the Fashion Bomb Daily brand out West.

Aside from attending the occasional star studded event, I’ve just been soaking up the sun, hiking Runyon Canyon, going to Pilates and eating green (for the most part).

I miss being “on the scene” as much as I was in New York (if you’re in LA, HOLLA), but I am welcoming better weather, a slower pace, sunshine, and new opportunities with open arms.

Moving to a new city can be difficult, but when I reflect on my life, I have been here before. I remember moving to New York after college, staring out the windows onto the city, my mind swimming with all the possibilities. I remember my first few weeks in Paris, taking long walks alone until I found my crew and my routine. And in LA, things will take time. But now I’m older, wiser, and even more laser focused.

Cheers to new beginnings!

When setting upon new terrain, give yourself grace, and trust that GOD will order your every little step…

Love & Light,

Images: Dalvin Adams

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