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It’s Not Who You Are, It’s Who You Want to Be: Grammy’s Watch Party with Bryan Michael Cox, Sandy Lal, Carlos Greer, and More!

Today I slept through my 6:30am alarm, and woke up at 9! I felt a tremendous amount of guilt (I’m hard on myself, I know), but decided to listen to my body: I’m tired! These past few days have been action packed and I’ve done my best to show up and out for all.

Last night, the Grammy’s festivities concluded with a watch party hosted by super producer Bryan Michael Cox. I got gussied up in an Abyss by Abby Lady Boss dress and DSquared2 sandals and headed to dinner at Omar’s to watch the festivities.

I was happy to run into my friend Carlos Greer, who is now on Page Six TV. We sat together and reminisced on old times.

I’ve known Carlos since my days as a Researcher/Reporter (he was a Researcher/Reporter as well). We sat in the same section of cubicles at the magazine we worked for, and frequently grabbed lunch together to talk about our aspirations. He always wanted to work in TV and I always wanted to work in fashion, two vocations that seemed like distant fantasies as we noshed on sandwiches during our lunch breaks.

Almost 10 years later, and Carlos’s face is on the side of buses and on billboards! He’s on TV! It just shows that it’s not who or where you are, it’s who you want to be. Carlos was fixed on his vision of being an entertainment reporter, and his dreams came to fruition, as did mine.

It’s also (somewhat) encouraging to know that as you move, your friends and colleagues move with you. Some people fall off the wagon never to be heard from again. But some go from lowly positions to running their own Empire. As I said before, have good people around you and you will go far.

Just keep your nose to the grindstone and your eyes on the prize. You can go from the cubicle to the corner office if you stay focused on your purpose.
Love & Light,

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