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#HarvardReunion Reflections: Find Great Friends and You Will Go Far

Happy Memorial Day!
I’m currently relaxing in Martha’s Vineyard before launching into a full week of travel, going from D.C. for a Conversation with Claire to Houston to view venues for CWC! But before I grab a lobster roll and a back door donut, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my 15th year #HarvardReunion.

Harvard had an unparalleled education…but let’s be honest: Harvard can be lame and lonely. And in those moments when absolutely nothing is going on on campus, and Saturday nights are spent in the library, what keeps you going are the endless laughs from a group of great girlfriends.

My blockmates (Harvard’s term for the people you choose to be your roommates for sophomore-senior year) hailed from Miami, Oakland, New York, and New Jersey, and were mostly first generation Caribbean American immigrants with parents who still spoke with an island twang. We danced it up in Expressions (Harvard’s hip hop dance troupe), and the Caribbean Club Dance Troupe, sweating out our hair with our meticulously choreographed 8 counts.

This past reunion weekend, we were able to relive the days of our youth, dancing, yes, but also popping by Noch’s for pizza, hitting up the Spee and the Phoenix for late night drinks, and kicking it in the dorms and gossiping.

A lot of you might wonder what keeps me going: a large part of it is my support group. These women knew me before Fashion Bomb was even a notion, and have been with me from baby blog to blog behemoth. No matter what happens, whatever I do, in whatever form, they’ve got my back.

Money is great, followers are great, but without family and friends to share all it with, you have nothing.

This time without @FashionBombDaily has been trying, anxious, stressful, and annoying. But it’s also been a blessing in that it has allowed me to pull my nose from my phone and focus on what truly matters: friends and family.

Here’s to another 15!
Love & Light,

*I was gonna write something about how fly black girls go to Harvard, too, but the pix speak for themselves. Enjoy!
**I wore Muehleder, Shop Deux Reines, Elegant by Alice, and Ezie Designs to Reunion. Which look was your fave?

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