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Claire’s Life: My Christian Louboutin Shopping Party in Dallas

Someone asked me yesterday if I ever envisioned my life like this, and I can tell you: NO. My goal was to be a magazine editor, but the industry shifted and whoop here I am. But I think as long as I (or anyone) stays open to new opportunities, they can find themselves doing things they never thought possible. For me, one of my new skills (?) is throwing shopping parties. Duh, right?
My first event was at Dsquared2 in LA, followed by Dsquared2 in New York. Last night, I had a fun fete at the Christian Louboutin store in Dallas.
I mean, why shouldn’t a self professed fashion lover welcome fashionable cyber friends to have champagne and shop? Seems like a no brainer. And it’s another fun way to meet Bombers and Bombshells!
Behold a few pix from last night:





Peep my toast:

Cheers to pursuing your dreams, and going for it, no matter what. And thank you, again, to everyone reading, for supporting me on this journey.
Love & Light,
*Quick note: the key to buying Louboutin So Kate’s is to go a full size up…and my new Gysandals are actually quite comfy. Expect to see them A LOT! xo

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