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Claire’s Life : Breaking Bread and Discussing Creating Black Generational Wealth with Aurora James, Emma Grede, Julia Collins, and more in Blue Norma Kamali and Valentino!

Happy Monday!

A few weeks ago, I flew to LA to break bread with Aurora James, Emma Grede, Sergio Hudson, Julia E Collins, and so many more to chat capital access, struggles, and triumphs as we founders navigate our entrepreneurial path.

Less than 2% of Venture Capital funding goes to black founders, and while change is happening, we are still making history as we strive to close the racial wealth gap. I felt honored to be in a room with fellow change makers as we blaze new trails and create new realities for generations to come✨

Watch us werk💣
Thank you to the @citi team for a wonderful event. As Aurora James said, “Together, we can multiply our progress towards a more equitable future.”

📸 @amarimdixon

*For the day, I wore a Norma Kamali dress and a Red Valentino trench:

**I’ve been quiet lately. It’s the calm before the storm!! I’ve been spending time working out, eating well and getting summer ready. Let’s go!!!

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