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Claire’s Hair: Back to Blonde + Style Throwback with BET’s Rip the Runway

So I’m back to blonde!

When I first cut my hair in August, I wanted to go blonde then, but needed for my strands to just breathe and get healthy. But the minute I got the green light, it was on and popping!

Many of you met me when I had blond locs, and some of you remember way back, before I went platinum:

**Can we take about the travesty that is this whole situation? From the ghostly silver makeup to the bright shoes (they were Fendi), I was in need of a fashion intervention. And I always loved a good blazer! I’m grateful for growth, while also staying true to I am at the core!

At any rate, I decided to debut my new ‘do at my friend Margaret’s 40th birthday! This was the first birthday party in our circle of friends where we were actually able to celebrate as a group! Of course I had to memorialize it with professional photos (haha). It was such a fun time:

Now that people are vaccinated, the world is opening back up with a bang!

We’ve got to bless the moment with excitement, love, and light,

Images: @SoneJr

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