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Stock Tips from My Dad: Investing in Fashion

Our community is entering into a new era of empowerment. No longer shackled by slavery or set back by discrimination, we have been able to make our own way thanks to our innovation, creativity, and intelligence. Can’t find a job? We are creating our own jobs by the millions, excelling in music, entertainment, and fashion. It really doesn’t matter where you come from–whether you started off as a stripper or went to an Ivy League. Everyone can win. While we…

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Claire’s Life: My 3 Month Shopping Challenge

Hey Guys! So it’s no surprise that I shop…a lot. Some might say I have a shopping problem! While sometimes I’m gifted clothing (the dress below was courtesy of Just Enaj), I spend quite a bit on shoes, accessories, bags, you name it! I do pretty well as a blogger, but I’m not a millionaire. And it’s time to start seriously saving for the future. The good times won’t roll forever! So, at the request of my accountant, I’ve decided…

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