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Ask Claire: Do You Ever Get Tired of New York Fashion Week?

So yesterday I was snapping and chatting (as I do), recording my steps as I navigated traffic, got calf cramps, and sweated out my makeup, all in the pursuit of getting to a fashion show on time. In the midst of my dynamic storytelling, one of my Snapchat followers asked: “Do you ever get tired of Fashion Week?”
The answer is: YES AND NO.
Yes, it is tiring. So tiring I’m actually taking today off to crank out some show reviews and do some work! Getting glam and running around to sit for 30 minutes (or less) when you can livestream it from home or see the pictures on Instagram is not ideal, let’s be honest.

That said…Fashion Week is fun! It’s a time to reconnect with all your fashion friends. I always liken the first day of NYFW to the first day of school. You see everyone after a long summer, you’re all in your spiffiest duds, and you’re just happy to be there.
Fashion Week is for socializing, strutting, swilling, and peacocking.
Don’t get me wrong: it’s fun. But it can be tiring. And I’ve learned after 10 years that it’s totally ok to pace yourself.
I used to want to just get into ONE SHOW during Fashion Week! When I first started, all I wanted to do was go to shows. And I got what I wanted. By the time I worked for Italian Vogue, I was going to 30 shows per city or at least 4-5 shows a day!
I got burnt out really quickly, then decided to dial it back. Two shows a day are fine for me, preferably in the afternoon or evening so I can handle my business, then get dressed and hit the town. I’m OK taking a day off…I always have to remember what got me into Fashion Week, which was writing, blogging, and blustering.
So let me get to it!
Love + Light!
*For Day 1 of NYFW, I wore a Topshop shirt, a Kareen Singh skirt, Stuart Weitzman heels, and a Chanel bag. What y’all thank?!?

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