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5 Candles I LOVE Right Now: Upstate by Preston Konrad, Legend by Lit Bklyn, Langston by Harlem Candle Co. And More

I LOVE candles. Don’t ask me where this obsession began, but there’s nothing I love more than lighting up a fragrant scent and getting to typing. I’ve certainly written about this subject before. Here are a few NEW scents you should try:

  1. Preston Konrad’s Upstate Candle

I stole this was introduced to this scent by my friend Kelley, and was instantly enraptured by its strong, musky scent. The fragrance is described as “Rustic,” with notes of fireside smoke, black pepper, roasting wood, white ember, smoldering cedar, musk, vetiver.

All I can say is that is smells EXPENSIVE and fills each room with wafts of WEALTH. Get yours for $48 here.

2. Harlem Candle Co’s Langston Candle

This option boasts notes of Tobacco & Amber. Named after the renowned poet, Langston Hughes, the candle has, “A dramatic heart of heady jasmine and a warm background of resinous sandalwood ….that perfectly evokes Langston Hughes, a true Renaissance man.”

Get yours for $45 here.

3. Lit Bklyn’s Legend Candle

Sue me. I’m a sucker for anything gold, and this candle is an aesthetic and aromatic delight! The scent is comprised of neroli, vanilla, tuberose, jasmine, and cardamom. Sadly, it’s sold out, but keep it locked for restocks at LitBklyn.com.

4. La Bougie Noir’s Enorme Candle

I received this candle as a gift a few months ago, and let me tell you, it is still going strong. The benefit of this candle is that you only need to buy one for the year! This one seems to be sold out as well, but you can explore other Bougie Noir candles here.

5. Lulu Candles No. 13 Amber Rose & Sheer Musk

If you’re surfing on Amazon and are looking for an affordable, beautifully scented candle, you can’t go wrong with Lulu Candles. 25,000 5 star reviews and a price of only $19.99 makes this soy wax, slow burn candle a no brainer. This scent is sweeter than the others, but not too sweet. It’s a great one to have on hand once you burn through your luxury options:) Get yours here.

What are some of your favorite candles? Let me know below.

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Love & Candle Light!

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