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Ask Claire: How Do You Stay Optimistic with Fashion Bomb Daily Down? 5 Ways I Stay Positive in Dark Times

Today, we have an “Ask Claire” Query! @Zudoaririkameishi types, “If It’s not too much to ask, with the removal of FBD, how do you stay motivated with such a big piece of yourself and brand being taken away? Major love and peace to you Miss Sulmers!” Major Peace and Love to you! I’ll be honest, it’s been a REALLY tough month. An issue I thought could be resolved in a week or so is dragging on, and a major part…

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Claire’s Life: Fantasia’s The Definition Of… Album Listening Experience in House of CB’s Mint Peyton Mini Dress

Hey Bomb Lifers! Last night I was juiced to be invited to Fantasia’s The Definition Of…Album release party. I actually had the choice between going to a Nas event (raise your hand if you love Nasty Nas?!?), and Fantasia, but I figured…I’ve met Nas once before and I LOVE Fanny! She can sing, you can tell she’s so sweet, and I love it when she kicks off her shoes during her performances! I literally get the spirit watching her! Makes…

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