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Wide Foot Women, Don’t Play Yourselves: Giuseppe Zanotti Ring Flats Hurt, Too

Happy Saturday, Bomb Lifers!
I’m checking in briefly to make a public service announcement: if you have wide feet, steer clear of Ring flats by Giuseppe Zanotti.
I have my fair share of Zanotti shoes. And while some are aiight (a 7 from 1 to 10 with 10 being quite painful), I am usually able to maneuver in them.
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There was only one pair, The Harmony Sandals, that were simply too narrow to walk in comfortably. I had to put those puppies on Claire’s Closet!
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At any rate, as many of you know, I’m going to Haiti this weekend, and thus decided to treat myself to a pair of shiny new flats. I express shipped them to my house and didn’t bother to try to them on. I was so excited that I popped them out of the box, ripped off the tags, and just threw them in my bag as my ‘flat’ shoe alternative once I got tired of heels for the day.
First warning sign. After my feet had swollen up a bit from wearing heels, I literally couldn’t put these ‘Ring’ sandals on without a struggle. That was day one. Day 2, I tried it again. Same struggle. That one little band is tight. And leaves a nice ring around my foot (I will spare you the show and tell).
I am an idiot. Rule 1: always try on shoes if you order them online. Don’t assume just because they’re a flat they will fit. And #2: Know that if you have a lot of foot (i.e. me), Giuseppe just might not be for you, boo.
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Because I’ve already spent $500 + shipping on these FLAT SANDALS (another reason I’m a dummy), and I can’t return them, I will make them work, and perhaps see about getting them stretched. But like…why can’t designers make comfortable shoes? Would it have killed them to add a little elastic right at the sole for these to stretch? I have so many questions. Funnily enough, I had a knock off of these from a shop on West Pico in LA and they are actually more comfortable than the ‘real thing.’ (Real on the top, inspired on the bottom).
I don’t even know why I bought the real ones now because they are almost identical to my other ones (though the new ones have a small, painful gold band; the point was to wear them with everything!). At any rate, save your money. Only move forward with purchasing these if you want to stunt and have narrow feet. Otherwise, sashay away.
Thank me later.
Love & Light,

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