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The Bomb Restaurant: Birds and Bubbles New York

Happy Monday!
i’m sitting here nursing yet another serious eye infection, wondering if I need to just bite the bullet and get Lasik surgery. These contact complications are not the biz!!
At any rate, before I was thus afflicted, I hit up NYC hot spot Birds and Bubbles to indulge in a bit of post Thanksgiving fried chicken and champagne.
birds and bubbles fashion bomb daily
Yes, you read that currently. This restaurant specializes in fried yard bird and bubbly. It is basically heaven on earth.
1 birds and bubbles the bomb life claire sulmers
We were a sizable group of 5, so I made sure to make reservations in advance via Open Table. The place isn’t really that big, so it really can’t accommodate groups bigger than that. We also went around 5pm to make sure we’d beat the crush.
birds and bubbles fashion bomb daily the bomb life
I took the lead, ordering the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, which is basically a whole savory chicken which comes with 3 sides (perfect for a large group). We opted for 2 Mac & Cheeses (per my friend Ruby’s request), and collard greens.
birds and bubbles fashion bomb daily 2 birds claire sulmers
The chicken was juicy and delicious and the collards were a win for me! I actually didn’t sample any Mac & Cheese (I’m on this no carbs after 4pm thing), but my friends reported that it was kinda so so.

birds and bubbles 3 fashion bomb daily
In terms of drank, I ordered the Pol Roger. It definitely was a fine pairing for what we ordered.
birds and bubbles 3
We went over and above, ordering the Banana Pudding and Birthday Cake for dessert. I sampled the Banana Pudding (banging), but didn’t try the Birthday Cake (ref carbs clause). My friends were meh on the Birthday Cake, so perhaps you can try something else when you go!
birds and bubbles the bomb life claire sulmers
That said, I really enjoyed Birds and Bubbles! It’s definitely worth checking out should you visit NYC. It’s located at 100 Forsyth Street, downstairs. Visit BirdsandBubbles.com to see the menu and make reservations.
birds and bubbles the bomb life fashion bomb daily
If you’ve been, leave a comment with what you ordered and what you liked.
Love & Light!
*I forgot to mention prices (duh!). The Winner Winner Chicken Dinner was $65; A bottle of Pol Roger was $85. Pricey, but we ended splitting everything, including dessert, between 5 people. Not bad!

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