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The Bomb Life: Trying On LaQuan Smith’s Spring 2018 Collection in Paris

Happy Tuesday, folks!

I touched back down to New York yesterday, and boy is it good to be back home! Europe is lovely, but I was feening to get back to work. Right now a lot of shifts are happening–I’m moving to LA, and switching things up in all ways (more on that later). On my last day in Paris, I was blessed to get a slice of NYC with Laquan Smith and his crew:

He was showing his latest collection at a fabulous apartment by the Champs Elysees. Though I came just to view and bounce, we of course turned it into an all day affair of me trying on his Clueless/High School/Cheerleader inspired sweaters and plaids.

Even more delectable than his clothes? The footwear. Get into those thigh high mesh booties and PVC boots!

After our photo shoot with Guillaume Landry, we drank wine and toasted to the Bomb Life!

It was the best way to end my time in Europe: surrounded by people I genuinely adore!
Be sure to support our boy LaQuan at LaQuanSmith.com.
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