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The Bomb Life 101: Know Your Worth

“You’ll get what you settle for. If you don’t know your value, you’ll never get what you’re worth!”~ Tony Gaskins

I have been neglecting this poor little website–I’m sorry!
It’s hard to write about the Bomb Life when you’re living the Bomb Life, but ya know…when things slow down, I can give you fever and flavor!
2  Claire Sulmers zimmermann romper givenchy sandals fashion bomb daily
I’m writing you briefly to tell you something simple: Know Your Worth.
There are moments in life when you have to pay your dues, work for free, and perhaps even accept less than what you think you’re owed. But at a certain time in life, if you have reached certain milestones or have accomplished certain things, people need to start giving you what you deserve.
Claire Sulmers zimmermann romper givenchy sandals fashion bomb daily
Especially with bloggers/influencers, companies will try to barter with you, give you free access, hotels, or accommodations. While all that is nice, know that what you do has value.
3  Claire Sulmers zimmermann romper givenchy sandals fashion bomb daily
Here’s the thing: most people want you to work for free. It saves them money and increases the bottom line. But companies have budgets! So ask if they have one!
claire sulmers zimmermann pink romper givenchy sandals
That said, if you think the event or opportunity could push you forward, then it’s ok to do it for free. For example…if Chanel asked me to post about a bag (if they sent me one), then I’d say heck yeah! But if it’s not something you love or want to do, and it’s actually work to do it, you should get paid.
claire sulmers zimmermann romper pink fashion bomb daily
Here’s another thing: don’t come into an internship or your first job with a ton of demands and requests for payments! I have worked for free, minimum wage, and barely a wage for years. It actually drives me CRAZY when an intern who has done absolutely nothing comes to the plate asking for car service, an honorarium, and a per diem! Pay your dues. And once you pay your dues, get paid what you’re worth!

Love & Light!

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