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The Bomb Life 101: It’s Important to Remember Why You Started; Wearing a Balmain Blazer, Striped J.Crew Pants, and Givenchy Sandals

I’m a creative person, though I think it’s taken me a while to ‘claim’ that. I always feel like I’m more practical and business minded…. creative isn’t an adjective I’d use to describe myself.

My life is busy (y’all see me popping on and off of planes and moonlighting at various events). But this Memorial Day weekend, I had a rare moment of silence. I didn’t have one backyard BBQ or late night bashment to attend, so I started planning for my upcoming trip to Haiti. I thought it would be a good idea to wear items from Haitian designers. After doing my research, I thought it was better if I wrote of my findings on the site. The piece blew up, so much so that it shut the site down for most of the day.
As I was writing it, I felt happy, not bored or burdened. I was writing for fun, just like the old days. I picked a subject that was close to my heart and relevant for what I was doing. And the world rewarded me with clicks and lots of double taps.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been feeling uninspired for quite some time when it comes to FBD. Those pieces I used to pen in the very beginning gave way to repetitive Get the Looks and Soulless Celebrity Style Posts (Would you splurge? No, I’m not a millionaire). Yes, those are great, and get their fair share of engagement.
But today showed me that FBD wants more from me. Not the humdrum, but things that spark discussion, educate, uplift, and empower. I was encouraged to go back to how it all began. Look at brilliant posts from 2013 (I think I was a better writer then TBH!). Just do more things that excite me. Apparently the enthusiasm is infectious.
Love & Light,
*Today I wore a denim Balmain blazer, white shirt, and J.Crew pants with white Givenchy sandals. Alexander McQueen bag. I just need ONE more Balmain blazer then I’ll be done, promise!

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