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#NYFW Day 4: Shimmering at Angel Brinks + Watch What Happens Live with Paul Wharton and Porsha Williams!

Fashion week continues, but I left to lap up some sunshine in LA.
Before I hopped on a plane, I attended the Angel Brinks show and sat front row with Jonathan of Love & Hip Hop fame and my girl Bre-Z:

Afterwards, I got my entire life attending a taping of Watch What Happens Live featuring my new buddy Paul Wharton and Porsha Williams.

Quick story about Paul: I met him at a luncheon and we were all sitting at the ‘half full’ table. Every other table was filled. It was kind of as if we were the ‘uncool kids.’ I sat there because my homegirl told me to sit next to her, but then she was summoned to sit at another table. I was annoyed that she left me, but began chatting with people around me, one of whom was Paul.

We hit it off, and are now friends. He invited me to Watch What Happens Live and we have kicked off a wonderful relationship. All that to say: Don’t use your friends as a crutch, step out on your own. A hiccup can become a Hallelujah. And know that everything happens for a reason!

At any rate, for the day, I wore a sparkly top my mom bought me (isn’t she stylish?) and sequined joggers.
It was a fun, but exhausting day. I’m going to catch up on sleep and peace here in Lala land.
More fabulous instances of The Bomb Life to come.
Love & Light,

Images: @JayGoGetIt_

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