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It’s OK to Take a Social Media Break: Self Care and Mental Health in the Digital Age

Happy Saturday, folks!

As I type, I am sitting here in my cornrows and pajamas, watching TV. I was sick as a dog on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day–bedridden with the chills, a headache, the works. Since then, I have been on the mend, but definitely taking it easy (save a trip to LA for the Golden Globes–I had to get it together to go to that!).

Whenever I get sick, my mother always presumes it’s because I’m doing too much. And I must say, I was very busy during the holiday season and with The Fabys. So, while my natural inclination is to go go go, January has been the definition of slow. No early morning glam sessions. No heels. No photo shoots. No Wigs! Just me, in my house, hibernating, planning, strategizing, reading, and taking care of myself.

I did not wake up like this, however.

Social Media sometimes inadvertently pressures you to always be zipping around. You see other people out and about and feel this weird peer pressure to do the same–especially when your whole livelihood depends on social media (ahem ME) and you are used to giving followers a daily drip of new images and announcements.

But if you’re not feeling it, it’s ok to take a step back! Most of this month, I’ve just been reposting old photos or pix I hadn’t gotten around to posting. If I don’t have anything relevant to post, I’ve gotten rid of the guilt: It’s ok NOT to post if you don’t have anything to say. Don’t let social media pressure you to be ON all the time. Take care of yourself, in real life, in real time.

I liken this time to me pulling the bow back before the arrow shoots. Next week is quite busy, and of course I will be on the scene for Fashion Week (I am going to Milan and Paris this season!).

But take it from me, a ‘verified Influencer” and OG. It’s ok to take breaks from social media. I actually encourage it. Don’t do yourself in trying to Do it For the Gram!

Love & Light,

To have me come speak about social media, mental health, or self care, email Book@clairesulmers.com

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