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Claire’s Life: The Ubiquitous Expo in D.C. with Cynthia Bailey, Brandi Harvey, Germaine Leftridge, Arian Simone, and More!

Happy Tuesday, folks!
This past weekend, I was graciously invited by Germaine Leftridge to participate in Ubiquitous Expo, a forum focused on haircare for relaxed and natural Bombshells.

I participated on a panel called “Defining U,” alongside superstar Bombshells Angela Gates, Director of the Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment & Interim Director of the Commission on the Arts and Humanties for the District of Columbia, Arian Simone, Celebrity Publicist, Author of Founder & CEO of Fearless Brand and Magazine, Brandi Harvey, National and International Speaker and Founder of Beyond Her, Cynthia Bailey, Model, Actress, Entrepreneur and Reality Television Personality, and Resa B. Luster, Brand Manager at Large, Luster Products, Inc.

We spoke about how we define this point in our lives, how we overcome adversities, and what impression we’d want people to have of us.

One impression I wanted people to have of me: that I was classy, smart, and humble. I encouraged many Bombshells in attendance to approach me with questions, because I’m all about collaboration over competition. I enjoyed meeting so many of you after speaking!

Another highlight of the day: giving three attendees makeovers with Arian Simone. I haven’t done a makeover in quite some time, but it was fun to encourage the ladies chosen to have fun with hair, makeup, and clothes. We need to do these more often!

After appearing on stage, I grabbed pix with some of my co-panelists.

Then it was time to come home!

I’ll admit it: I have a thing for suits. But I love fun suits in sequins, bold colors, and with unexpected pops (like leopard).

Now I’m back in NYC and preparing for Fashion Week!
Be sure to RSVP to the fashion show I am hosting on September 9th here.

Ubiquitous Expo is a lot of fun, and a must attend for anyone obsessed with hair, makeup, and skin. Save the date for the next, and find out more info on Instagram @Ubiquitous_Expo.
What do you think?
Images: VS Davis Photography

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