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Claire’s Life: Sergio Hudson’s Spring 2024 Collection at LAFW Wearing Blue Sergio Hudson with Bethann Hardison, Ciarra Pardo, Legendary Damon, Jackie Aina, and More!

Y’all know I love Sergio Hudson!

I slipped on an archive look from this brand to check out his Spring 2024 collection during LA Fashion Week!

The thing I might love the most is the versatility of his pieces. My jacket is 10 years old and my other pieces are more recent; still I could wear a look from his Fall 2024 runway with the jacket, for example, and it all flows together. In a world of fads and trends, Sergio Hudson triumphs with classic colors, cuts, and silhouettes that you can wear for years to come while always looking elegant and elevated.

Such was the case for his 14 piece selection during LAFW, which embraced a white color palette, reminiscent of a white party in the Inkwell in Martha’s Vineyard:

Fashion events are always a time to reconnect with stylish friends like Legendary Damon, Jackie Aina, Margie Plus, Bethann Hardison, and of course Sergio Himself!

With LAFW’s Ciarra Pardo
With Margie Plus
With Sergio Hudson and Legendary Damon
Downloading with Bethann Hardison
Yapping with Jackie Aina
With Shannon Thornton
Laughing with Damon

Y’all, I just got back from Alaska, and boy do I have a story to tell!

Stay tuned for more moments from The Bomb Life.

Love & Light,

Images: Direct Devin

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