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The State of Fashion: Has the Corona Virus Killed Retail? Macy’s Lays off 130,000 Employees as the Virus Casts a Deathly Pall Over the Industry

The Corona Virus continues to upend our world as we know it. Today, a Reuters article announced that Macy’s has decided to ‘furlough’ (temporarily lay off with no pay) most of its 130,000 employees due to the negative economic impact Covid-19 has had on sales.  With non essential businesses closed until further notice, large Brick & Mortar stores like Macy’s 34th street flagship have suffered greatly. With store closings extended for another 2-4 weeks, we can only pray that this does not lead to…

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Why I Didn’t March in the Women’s March: Ulyana Sergeenko x Miroslava Duma’s N*ggas in Paris Bouquet + Consistent Silence When it Comes To Issues of Diversity in Fashion

I didn’t march in the Women’s March this past weekend. Why? While I stand in solidarity with the women’s movement and do believe women deserve equal pay and equal treatment in the workplace and beyond, can women truly be unified when so many white and Asian women remain silent when observing racist behavior? Two times in recent fashion history, we’ve seen brands blatantly exclude or denigrate people of color. First H&M put a young black boy in a sweatshirt that…

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What Now? What to Do in the Wake of the Untimely Deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

This past week has been absolutely awful in terms of Civil Rights and the quest for racial equality and unity in the United States. Two innocent black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, were killed by the cops within a day of each other; then a Dallas sniper killed five cops. While we enlisted a black out on Fashion Bomb Daily, took a day of silence, and hashtagged #BlackLivesMatter, I can say that I personally felt powerless, like: what do…

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