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No More Excuses: I’m Getting Fit in 2017

Though I said I only had one resolution for 2017, I lied. I’m also committed to losing weight.
I’ve been a size 10 literally all my life. If anything, I’m consistent! I have clothes from high school that I can still fit into! But even though my waist is the same size, some things are a little jigglier: my arms. My legs. My neck! I digress. I decided that I’m going to finally stop making excuses and just go for it. And hey: why not aim to be a size 8?
I went to Soulcycle today. One of my homegirls, Taye, is an instructor, and teaches 3 days a week! So I’m going to go to her class 3 days a week, walk on the treadmill in my basement, eat clean, not drink as much…!
This year is the year of ME. Fashion Bomb Daily will be functioning without my everyday input in a couple months. As I do more red carpets and am more ‘on the scene,’ it’s past time to get snatched. So let’s get it!
I am focused, I am disciplined, and I am ready!
Hope you join along. And if you have any tips, leave ’em below!
Love & Light,

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