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Claire’s Life: Interviewing House of CB’s Conna Walker for Fashion Bomb TV

There is a fashion revolution happening in LA. Brands like Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, and House of CB are bubbling to the forefront of the conversation, offering young women affordable yet cute outfit solutions for this Instagram obsessed, wear-it-once-and-throw-it-out world we now live in. In the midst of New York Fashion week, which, each season, struggles for relevance in the current consumer climate, I hopped over to LA to see what the New Kids on the Block are up…

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The Bomb Life: Anz Style’s Salute to Lenny S with Justine Skye, Ainy Naim, and more!

Happy Sunday, Bomber and Bombshells! I knew the Grammy’s were on Sunday, but I was not prepared for all the pre-awards show festivities! It all kicked off with a toast to Rocnation Executive Lenny S, hosted by British knitwear brand Anz Style. Anz Style features comfy cardigans imbued with culturally inspired geometric patterns. They come in a host of colors and styles. I wore a blue, beige, and yellow option with a tee, jeans, and boots for the party. Inside,…

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Headed to LA For A Few Days, Holla At Me!

So I’m headed to LA on Sunday and will be there for 10 days. I don’t really look at going to LALA land as a vacation…I look at it as an opportunity to stock up on great content, connect with friends, and create magical moments. I can never go anywhere without having an event, so look out for details for a shopping party! And I’ll try to have a book signing (I’ve never had a book signing in LA, can…

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The Bomb Life 101: Conquer the Fear of Flying aka Overcoming the Fear of Becoming Your Best Self

I’m on planes and in and out of airports constantly, traveling at least 2 weeks out of the month to attend speaking engagements, panels, and events. But regardless of how many times I’ve successfully taken off and landed, I still can’t shake the subtle fear that this huge hunk of metal will plunge out of the sky and careen to earth, leaving myself and all I’ve created in a charred mess on the ground. Every time the plane hits the…

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Tuesday Talk: You are Responsible for Your Own Life (Fashion and Finance)

This morning I stumbled across a video from Oprah, where she says: “You are responsible for your life. And if you’re sitting around waiting on somebody to save you, to fix you, to even help you, you are wasting your time. Only you have the power to take responsibility to move your life forward. What matters is now. This moment. And your willingness to see this moment for what it is. Accept it. Forgive the past. Take responsibility. And move…

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