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What is Meant for You is For You: Meetings in a Black Balenciaga Logo Sweater and Christian Louboutin Pumps

It’s easy to get lost comparing yourself to others if you’re active on social media. You might see one colleague score a great gig, and another colleague cheesing it up with people you love and admire. You might feel less that or as if you are not doing what you need to do. Take comfort in knowing that what is meant for you is for you. The other day I took meetings in the city, having informative rendez vous about…

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Hot As Hell at Howard University Homecoming: Wearing a Black Balmain Oversize Printed Cotton Jersey Sweatshirt, Leather Pants, and Balenciaga Centaur Boots

I’ve never been hotter than I was down in D.C. for Howard Homecoming. I shoulda checked the weather, but wrongly assumed that the end of October would herald cooler temps. Oh no. It was a blazing 80 degrees. It might as well have been the middle of July. I wore a Balmain Oversized Jersey Sweatshirt, leather pants I’ve had for years, a Balmain belt, Balmain sunglasses from Eyechic Philly, and Balenciaga boots to head down to the hype homecoming. This…

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The Bomb Life 101: It’s OK to Want More for Yourself + I’m an Ambassador for Dominion Charter Private Jets!

So y’all know of my flight travails and woes. I fly a lot and I deal with a lot of BS from airlines! After reading about my flying woes, the kind folks at Dominion Charter contacted me to see how they can help. A few phone calls later, and boom: I was a brand ambassador! Flying private is clearly a mark of living the Bomb Life! And I’m super excited about pivoting in this direction. I ran into a Fashion…

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