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Who Wore it Better? Me vs. Sarah Jessica Parker in Hanifa’s Purple Miya Knit Wrap Cardigan Dress

We have been rocking with Hanifa from the very start, and are juiced to see so many celebs discover the bomb brand! One of the new bold faces in Hanifa? Sarah Jessica Parker, who stepped out in the same $209 Miya Purple Wrap Cardigan Dress previously worn by yours truly.

Can we get a moment? Me vs. the QUEEN of Sex N the City. Gagging!!

While SJP offset the purple tones in pink pumps, I showed her stems in a pair of Balenciaga tiger print boots.

The Miya wrap cardigan dress is perfect for the Fall, and comes in a host of colors, including yellow, black, teal, and green.

I have the cardigan in purple, blue, and black, but have my eye on the Mustard Yellow!

It is a bomb Fall piece, and I can’t wait to wear mine again!

As to who wore it better, we both rocked it! I’m about to find a pair of pink pumps and try mine that way.

What do you think?

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