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Wait Your Turn: Celebrating Lala Anthony at Lord & Taylor + Receiving Harlem’s Fashion Row’s 10th Anniversary New Media Award

So last night, I stopped by Lord & Taylor to support Lala Anthony’s new collection, and followed it up with an appearance at Harlem’s Fashion Row’s 10th Anniversary to receive a New Media Award!

Yes, I changed my hair!
I am a creature of comfort, and would say my style skews classic if not boring (at my core!!). I don’t like change! But I realize that I have to accept that my life is changing. As I said in my speech last night, I am no longer that outsider, angling to get in. I am taking more of a forward facing role in my brand, which demands bold moves. I’m down for it.

A few lessons I gleaned from last night: Do good work and be consistent. You might not think anyone’s watching. People are watching you, supporting you, and rooting for you (some aren’t, but pay them no mind).

Also, be good to people. Be nice. And Wait Your Turn.

Fashion Week brings out all sorts of attitudes! People can be disrespectful. You don’t ‘win’ by stooping to their level. And also, you never know who you are talking to.

There was a frenzy for Lala at Lord & Taylor because she’s bomb! People were packed in to get their moment with Mrs. Anthony. Our team showed up a little tardy, so I had to wait a while for some one-on-one time. Just as I was about to approach her, an unassuming woman appeared from behind me, and one of the coordinators ushered her in front of me. In my mind, I thought, “Who is this? Why would this guy put this woman in front of me? Am I invinsible? “ and I had half a mind to speak up about it! Something to the effect of, “Did you not see me standing here?” But I kept my thoughts to myself and allowed this distinguished looking lady to do her thing. Minutes later, someone whispered in my ear, “That’s the President of Lord & Taylor.” Ok. Can you IMAGINE if I had gotten salty with the President of the store I was standing in? Ridiculous!

Not too long before I brushed shoulders with the President of Lord and Taylor, I encountered a young woman who was very rude. She cut in front from another angle (there were a bunch of people!). And even though there were lines for Lala, she proceeded to take about….25 pictures of her friend with her phone, then hopped up and did the same herself. Ridiculous. I did make a small comment about the number of pictures she was taking (you know when people just keep pushing the button on their Iphone camera). And she snapped at me! But again, I was patient. I let her do her thing. I may never see her again, but I’ll never forget her face and how she made me feel. Sometimes negative encounters make a more lasting impression than positive ones.

I ultimately got to Lala and chatted with her (we might interview her next week). But in sum, I’d say: Wait your turn. Somebody might cut in front of you in line, but maybe they got ahead due to a connection you aren’t aware of. Others might get nasty in a competitive situation. Let them have their moments. Be patient and polite. Your time will come when it’s right for you.
Love & Light,

*Images Jonna Majorica & Johnny Nunez
**I wore a look by Sergio Hudson

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