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The Bomb Life: Accepting the Fashion 500 Award of Excellence in Red Marquette 21

Happy Tuesday, Bombers and Bombshells!
On Sunday, I flew back home to New York City to receive an award of Excellence from The Fashion 500!

The group recognizes tastemakers and innovators in the fashion industry with an event and awards ceremony, and many notables were in attendance, including Atiba Newsome, Misa Hylton Brim, Dapper Dan, Mickey Boom, and many more.

I was exhausted, but I popped on a banged wig and some red feathers and flew on down. It’s always an honor to get recognized for a job well done:)

I always try to wear black designers for big events, so I slipped on a Marquette 21 dress I wore for one New Year’s Eve in Vegas, and added some red pants from Zara to offer a different look. Stuart Weitzman sandals completed the look.

I had a whole speech prepared (I always do), but I abbreviated it thusly:

I am so honored to be in this room, full of so much beauty and black excellence.
I write Fashion Bomb Daily because I LOVE US. And I want the world to see how dope we are.
When I first started in the industry, I heard a lot of NO. NO, you can’t work in fashion. No, you can’t come into this fashion show.
But thank you to social media, a lot of No’s have turned into YES.
I am blessed to wake up every day and create a platform that addresses the 99% of us who don’t see ourselves represented in traditional media.
Thank you!

And Thank you!
Love & Light,

Images: @MrVocabTV

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