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Claire’s Life: Synergy with Calyann Barnett & Khalilah Beavers + American Express Success Makers with Solange Knowles and Virgil Abloh in Off White

I strongly believe that there is a black renaissance underway.
People of color are making significant strides in music, television, and entertainment, telling nuanced tales from our point of view–and enjoying unprecedented success. We’re becoming more open to collaborations and building each other from within.

It’s with that spirit I set out yesterday to meet Calyann Barnett & Khalilah Beavers, stylists to all star athletes Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Usain Bolt, and more. We’re cooking up some great collaborations for 2018. Can’t wait for you to see!

After our meeting, I headed downtown to an American Express Success Makers event, a forum that features tastemakers and digs into their stories and secrets to success. Last night’s subjects were Virgil Abloh and Solange Knowles.

Both have enjoyed extraordinary success by staying true to themselves, owning their vision, and creating their own lanes.
Afterwards, I congratulated Solange on all the amazing things she has accomplished.

For the night, I wore an Off White lace up top and boots to support Mr. Abloh. I wanted to chat with him or ask about an interview, but he left right afterwards!! Next time, Virgil.

Until them, I’m excited about all of us coming together and showing the world the depths of our creativity and the diversity of our stories.

Cheers to synergy and owning our voices, spaces, and lanes.

Love & Light,

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